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Hiya, pal! I'm Sami. Before work had started one summer, there was an orientation that included ice breakers and one of the prompts was, “Describe yourself in three words.” I went with “Short Disney princess.” One of my coworkers, whom I had worked with before, turned toward me and laughed, “OH MY GAHD, THAT’S SO TRUE.” If that doesn't tell you anything about me, then I don't know what will. (Except for the about page.)
Have a magical day! ヽ(*ȏ ωȏ)ノ *:・゚

Mohinder Suresh from NBC’s Heroes - Halloween 2013

Funny thing, I had the wig for a few years but only recently started to watch the TV series. Then I realized that I could totally dress up as Sendhil Ramamurthy’s character with the wig, some make up, and finding the right clothes, basing the wardrobe off of his action figure/promotional pictures. I’m super proud of the outcome after doing about four trials for make up and recreating the book cover for a great prop.

I even freaked out a few family members when they saw me because I totally passed as a guy (which is a good thing since he is a guy). Also my mother asked me if I had seen her horse (since she was dressed a cowgirl) and I responded, “I’m not trying to find your horse. I need to find who killed my father.”

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